Do you try to lose weight only to regain it (and more)?

Do you find yourself caught in cycles of yo-yo dieting?

Do you restrict what you eat only to eat in secret later?

Do you find that once you start eating, you can’t stop?

Do you ever feel out of control around food?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Attempting a new diet every Monday or ‘trying to be good’ doesn’t work. If it did, wouldn’t you be at your goal weight by now?

If you’ve struggled to lose weight on a diet, it’s not a lack of willpower or a sign of weakness. It’s simply the wrong approach.

It’s time to break up with binge and emotional eating. 

You can’t stop binge eating by living a double life.

Find freedom without food restrictions

Stop the all-or-nothing thinking 

Turn emotional eating into mindful eating

Feel more comfortable in your own skin

Ditch dieting and feel normal around food

When you break free from binge eating, you’ll be able to…

You can overcome binge eating, 
even if you’ve struggled for years.

i lost 20kg once i stopped binge eating

When no one was home, I'd binge on cereal, lollies, bread, peanut butter straight from the jar.

For over a decade, I tried diet after diet only to end up face-first in the pantry eating everything in sight. Each morning, I’d promise to ‘do better,’ but the harder I tried to lose weight, the more I kept binge eating in secret

Eventually, I decided to ditch diets and created a Binge Free life. I lost 20kg but that turned out to be just an added bonus. My life is no longer controlled by food, and now I teach others how to do the same as a TV nutritionist and dietitian.

If you feel like you can’t stop eating, I’ll teach you how to feel normal around food again. 

I used to binge eat multiple times a day.

This isn’t another diet or meal plan. [insert sigh of relief] It’s a science-backed, evidence-based program focused on helping you create a healthier relationship with food without the self-blame or body-shaming BS.

Introducing the

Backed by my 30-day money back guarantee

As Seen On

- Jessica C.

I haven’t had a single binge in 3 months. It still blows my mind. I feel amazing knowing that whenever I want something, I can have it. And if I ever feel like I’ve gone off track or overindulged, it’s so simple to get back on track. It really is a way of life.”

“Binge Free Academy honestly changed my life.”

✔️ You value 1:1 support from a leading nutritionist who’s been in your shoes.

✔️ You don’t want to keep gaining even more weight.

✔️ You don’t want to give up 95% of your life to weigh 5% less.

✔️ You’ve tried countless diets and they’ve never worked for you.

✔️ You want to feel normal around food instead of losing control. 

✔️ You want to stop binge and emotional eating but aren’t sure how.

Is this right for you?

DOn't just take our word

Priortising real health over dieting

level 6:

How to reset if you fall off the wagon

level 5:

Building food trust

level 4:

Mastering intuitive eating

level 3:

Identifying your binge persona

level 2:

Discovering why you binge eat

level 1:

What You’ll Learn Inside Binge Free Academy

✔️ Lifetime access to the content and community

✔️ Exclusive community with supportive, like-minded people working toward the same goal

✔️ Resources to turn your new knowledge into action

✔️ Personalisable workbook to create your unique binge-free plan to full recovery

✔️ One year of group coaching sessions with Lyndi 

✔️ 30+ Lessons in convenient video and audio formats giving you step-by-step guidance

What’s Included in Binge Free Academy

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with mindset tips and lessons so you can look and feel your best (valued at $299 AUD)

Style your body for confidence guide

to help you build balanced meals with 50 budget-friendly recipes (valued at $149 AUD)

Mindful eating guide

with lifetime access to all group coaching sessions (valued at $1,000 AUD)

4 additional group coaching sessions

Bonuses created just for you

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- Laura s.

“I was doing therapy, spending thousands of dollars, and wasn't getting anywhere with it. Thanks to Binge Free Academy, I’m so much more relaxed around food now."

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- sarah m.

“Thank you SO much Lyndi for creating this kick-ass program. It is SO very helpful and I actually get to feel good about my eating now. Maybe for the first time in my adult life. I feel hope and excitement for what’s to come. What a HUGE win that is!”

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- Jayne L.

“I wasn’t sure it would work for me. I didn’t want to sign up for yet another challenge or diet and be disappointed that it didn’t stick. I really loved Binge Free Academy! It’s realistic and such a relief to look at things in a new light.”

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- Jessa p.

“This is without a doubt the best program I’ve ever participated in. It feels like I’m getting my life back again.”

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If you complete the program in 30 days and still aren't happy, you'll receive a full refund. 
*Binge Free Academy is available worldwide in all currencies. You will be billed in your local currency using current exchange rates.

Four monthly payments of

One payment of

Lifetime access and my 30-day money-back guarantee

Pricing options

- Annabel T.

"I signed up to your binge free academy a few months ago after stumbling across your page on Instagram. My last binge was 3rd of April. Thank you for everything you’re doing. I have 3 daughters and I’ll be damned if they grow in the mindset I did."

“You have changed my life around food"

Counting calories, resisting ‘forbidden foods,’ and fixating on your weight aren’t the answer. I’ll teach you how to tune out the dieting nonsense and tune into your body. A better relationship with food is possible with the Binge Free Academy.

End your secret love affair with food.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Binge Free Academy is structured as an online course with live group coaching sessions from Lyndi.  It is divided into 7 modules and is delivered in over 30 lessons. No matter how you like to learn, we've got you covered, with video tutorials, a written guide alongside the Binge Free Academy podcast feed.  You'll also get access to Lyndi's go-to resources to help you along your journey PLUS you also get access to live group coaching sessions where you can ask Lyndi questions and learn from others. The Binge Free Academy is has been designed using over 20 years of professional and personal experience and has been trusted by thousands worldwide who have stopped binge eating for good.

There are two payment options, either once-off or a 4 x monthly installments. Once you pay you get lifetime access to the program and live group coaching.

From within the program you'll be able to access our regular live group coaching calls. This is an opportunity for you to ask Lyndi any question and get support while also learning from others. Even if you can't make the coaching sessions live, you'll be able to submit a question and view all past recordings.  You will also get access to our awesome and supportive Facebook community group of like-minded participants.

Meal plans are diets in disguise so you won’t find them in Binge Free Academy. We do however have some great recipes included in the bonus Mindful Eating Guide. If you are looking for more recipe inspiration plus workouts and other delicious content, you may enjoy our Back to Basics App which makes a great companion to Binge Free Academy.

I am truly investment in your success and would hate you paying for something that isn’t working for you. So if you complete the content within Binge Free Academy within 30 days and still feel like it isn’t working for you, just reach out to us within 30 days from purchase and we will refund your purchase price in full, simple as that.  

Lyndi completed her degree at the University of Newcastle – Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (2011) and went on to become an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN). Lyndi Cohen has over 20 years of experience dealing with binge eating disorder and has helped thousands of people break free from binge and emotional eating for good. Lyndi is a 2x best-selling author and continues to be recognised as a leading expert on binge eating disorder, regularly featuring across podcasts, print, digital and TV media.

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