Master the art of mindful eating and take back control over food

Stop Struggling with Food Guide

My 180-page digital guide is an easy-to-follow approach to regain control of your eating, and wave goodbye to unhelpful food habits. 

Includes 50+ recipes!

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- Julieanne

“I have stopped eating unless hungry it has taken me around 6 weeks and I have stopped weighing myself, but i can tell i have lost some weight by my clothes”

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- Margaret

“Lyndi’s approach is a breath of fresh air and I am feeling optimistic about finally achieving freedom from the turmoil I’ve felt around my body and food.” 

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- Sarah

“I’ve started being mindful of what I ate. I ensured I wasn’t restricting myself from the things I love the most. It’s allowed me to become more aware of my body and it’s needs without feeling guilty.” 

Meal-times feel like a chore

You want consistency with food, something that actually sticks!  

Late-night snacks or pantry raids have become a habit

You’ve tried allllll the diets and are sick of feeling guilty for making unhealthy choices. 

You just want to feel normal around food! (Is that too much to ask!? Hint: it’s not)

If this rings a bell, you're not alone

Take back your control around food and say ‘wow, that made my life a LOT better’. 

Mindful eating skills to know what being full and satisfied feels like

What you'll take away:

Break free from pesky, unhelpful eating habits

Create a healthier relationship with food for a new perspective

A fool-proof approach to move away from dieting and out of control eating. 

Bring back the romance with cooking food you will actually enjoy! 
(Without searching for 108 snacks in the process)

Remember, it’s not a diet! 

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- Claudia

“I love this lifestyle approach to health! I love the freedom of not having to think about diets all the time anymore!”

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- Marissa

“Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help. Soooo many lightbulb moments already and the recipes are DELICIOUS!” 

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- Melody

I was worried this would be a diet plan to fail just like the others but after eating it, it gave me so many insights that shifted how I thought about food”

✔️ How to build a balanced meals and snacks (including examples!) that keep you full and satisfied

✔️ The exact steps to follow when you get the urge to diet or binge 

✔️ How to intuitively eat and create a healthier relationship with food

✔️ The difference between emotional eating, binge eating and overeating - and how to become a normal eater.

✔️ …and the exact tools to practice it in everyday life (this isn’t another ‘woo-woo’ term, it’s science-backed!) 

✔️ What mindful eating ACTUALLY is

What you’ll learn from my guide: 

✔️ Plus 50 of my fave nutritional recipes to simplify mealtimes. 

Ditch the unhappy eating habits, and regain control over your food choices.

✔️ If you want to feel relaxed around food, not obsessed.

✔️ If you are struggling to tell apart genuine hunger from a food craving.

✔️  If your weight is something that occupies your mind more than it probably should.

✔️  Or you just want to adopt some healthier habits and consistency.

✔️  Whether your obsession with food has reached breaking point…

The Stop Struggling with Food Guide is for you: 

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Oh hey, I’m Lyndi Cohen - A dietitian and nutritionist who spent wayyyyyy to many years feeling out of control with food. I was either eating everything in sight or obsessed with ‘being good’. Now I help yo-yo dieters develop a far healthier relationship with food, where you can learn to eat to live instead of living to eat. 

Meet Lyndi

Frequently Asked Questions

This isn't a diet, because they don't work. If they did, you wouldn't be here, right?
This is the guide I wish I had when I struggled with food for over a decade. It's packed with my go-to strategies that will have you feeling in control around food without feeling deprived or restricted.

I've helped thousands of people regain control around food and leave diets back in the 90s (where they belong). Although everyone is different and unwinding years or decades of disordered habits around food can take some time, by implementing the strategies in this guide you will start noticing big shifts within days. 

As soon as you purchase you will get instant access to the guide where you can download, print or view online whenever you like. You get lifetime access including to updates made over time.

Absolutely! The core principles and strategies will apply to all dietary preferences/restrictions and I've included a wide range of recipes that have easy modifications to adapt to your dietary needs. Unlike those sneaky diets/meal plans that are not flexible - my guide is made to fit into your busy life!

You bet it is! The guide includes never before seen content and strategies in addition to what is in my latest book, Your Weight is Not the Problem. It also includes 50 of my favourite, easy and healthy recipes to help simplify mealtimes so it's a great addition to help turn theory into action.

Got questions? Get in touch.