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50+ healthy, easy recipes that taste awesome

No-nonsense nutrition advice that's actually doable

Perfect gift for loved ones. Give to your mum or friends

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- steph, sydney

“I cannot reccommend this book highly enough. It is especially relevant to anyone who has cycled through a series of diets, worries about out of control weight gain or struggle with self image.”

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- Dave, sydney

“Lyndi has changed the way I look at food. This inspiring book is like having a best friend over your shoulder in the kitchen, making you feel great about yourself while cooking up easy, delicious recipes.”

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- Sai, Victoria

“I seriously didn't know I needed this in my life! This book is incredible. I'm a teenager and I didn't think it would interest me... but I was wrong! This book will change your entire perspective about food for the better.”

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- JJ, Sydney

“Loved the book because it changes your mindset on food and being healthy. Loved it so much I bought a book for my mum and friends.”

hi, i'm lyndi!

Oh hey, I’m Lyndi Cohen! For over a decade, I started a new fad diet EVERY week until I finally ditched all that wellness wankery.

These days, I’m one of Australia’s most trusted dietitians and nutritionists, a TV regular on Channel 9’s Today Show, best-selling author, and podcaster. As a recovered dieter, I’m serious about helping divinely wonderful people like you create a healthy relationship with food and adopt healthy habits that actually stick.

Lyndi Cohen

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