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Following restrictive meal plans and punishing your body doesn’t work. I’m all about helping you feel oh-so-good in your body without giving up 95% of your life to weigh 5% less.

For the past decade, I’ve helped tens of thousands of wonderful people like you ditch dieting for good and embrace a new approach to real health that’s backed by science. You ready?

“Lyndi is helping me to feel more normal around food and not be so hard on myself. I’m feeling happier and being a better role model to my daughter. You’ve changed my life, Lyndi. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” 

Includes 50+ recipes!

My 130-page digital guide is an easy-to-follow approach to regain control of your eating, and wave goodbye to unhelpful food habits. 

Stop Struggling With Food Guide

master mindful eating

break the cycle

Feel out of control with food? Binge Free Academy will help you break free from binge and emotional eating for good while healing your relationship with food. This program contains my exact strategies as an ex-binge eater and nutritionist with resources and exclusive 1:1 support along your health journey. 

Binge Free Academy

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Sign up today and learn all the strategies I used when I stopped binge eating.  

Stop Binge and Emotional Eating for Good

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Understand what's actually causing your binge or emotional eating 

Get the #1 tool 
you need to stop overeating

Strategies to deal with afternoon and evening binges

Insights into secret eating = no more hiding wrappers

tons of recipes

The Back to Basics App has everything you need to be healthy without all the dieting nonsense. 

  • Fuel your body with healthy recipes
  • Move your body with on-demand exercises
  • Prioritise your body with easy shopping list editing
  • Listen to your body with expert mindset tips
  • …and so much more!

Back to Basics App

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Episode One

Break the habit

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An audio guide to break your booze habit in 30 days and learn to unwind & have fun without booze. 

It’s time to swap a handful of feel-good tipsy moments for a booze-free high that doesn’t wear off.

Booze Break

Break your booze habit

Get 20+ of my best healthy, delicious and budget-friendly recipes for FREE! 

Budget Friendly Recipes E-Book

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my newest book

Finally, a health book that doesn’t suck. Liberate yourself from food guilt and self-blame with a new approach to health that doesn't rely on willpower or counting calories—because you can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

Your Weight Is Not the Problem

My Anti-dieting book

Not sure if this book is for you? I’m giving away a free sample of the first section of the book.

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my first book

Don’t spend a decade on diets that don’t work like I did. Recover your life and experience the joy of mindful eating. Packed with 50+ healthy, easy recipes, my first book is where I share my personal story alongside the no-nonsense nutrition advice I’m known for. 

The Nude Nutritionist

Never Diet Again

Get better style in 14 days! Revive your wardrobe and confidence to "buy less, style more" with my simplified 3-step method.

Confidence Cure Style Series

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Get my toolkit for building a healthier body image. Even if you’ve been hating your body for years, a few simple tools can help you feel healthier and happier in your skin. 

Body Image Toolkit

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For a decade, I started a new diet EVERY Monday until I finally ditched counting calories, meal plans, and all that wellness wankery. My body was never the problem; dieting was. 

Today, I’m a TV nutritionist and dietitian who’s on a mission to help wonderful people like you create a healthier relationship with food and love their bodies unconditionally.

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Learn how to stop binge and emotional eating with my free 5-day email course.

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