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- Turia pitt

"I want to press this book into the hands of every woman. It's a forthright and liberating ‘F-you’ to diet mentality and perfectionism."

A new, refreshing approach to health that doesn’t rely on willpower or counting calories—finally. Your Weight Is Not the Problem is an anti-diet anthem for every person who has been unfairly taught to fixate on their weight. This book offers a simple plan to break free from the dieting trap with small, doable healthy habits you can stick to no matter how busy life gets.

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“This book was truly amazing, and I wish I would have read it 20 years ago before investing $1000s of wasted dollars in failed diets”

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“Best healthy, non-diet book I've ever read. Hits the nail on the head of all diet behaviour and the science behind why they don't work! A must-read for anyone that’s ever dieted!”

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“After 50 years of dieting, finally common sense has been discovered. I’ve shed a few tears during this read.”

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“What a wonderful book! It was such an insightful and honest read. I’ve changed my outlook on food and dieting and will pass this knowledge down to my daughter. An easy book to read and super informative!”

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“I have suffered from binge eating from countless diets and destructive behaviour with food. This is a fresh approach that makes you see things very differently! I’m finding my own way forward thanks to this book.”

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hi, i'm lyndi!

Oh hey, I’m Lyndi Cohen! For over a decade, I started a new fad diet EVERY week until I finally ditched all that wellness wankery.

These days, I’m one of Australia’s most trusted dietitians and nutritionists, a TV regular on Channel 9’s Today Show, best-selling author, and podcaster. As a recovered dieter, I’m serious about helping divinely wonderful people like you create a healthy relationship with food and adopt healthy habits that actually stick.

Lyndi Cohen

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