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Let’s put an end to the wellness wankery. It’s time for a new approach to health that doesn’t require you to give up 95% of your life to weigh 5% less.

Oh hey, I’m Lyndi Cohen but you may know me as The Nude Nutritionist. As an ex-serial dieter turned TV nutritionist, I’ll help you create a healthier relationship with food and ditch yo-yo dieting for good.

You haven't failed diets. Diets have failed you.

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Feel out of control with food?

For a decade, I started a new diet EVERY Monday until I finally ditched counting calories, meal plans, and all that wellness wankery. My body was never the problem; dieting was. 

Today, I’m a TV nutritionist and dietitian who’s on a mission to help wonderful people like you create a healthier relationship with food and love their bodies unconditionally.

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The wellness world is full of dodgy ‘health’ advice. My science-backed, no-nonsense podcast will help you tune out diet culture BS and tune into your body.

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No Wellness Wankery Podcast

Liberate yourself from food guilt once and for all. This is an anti-dieting anthem for anyone who wants to stop fixating on their weight and start building healthier habits that actually stick.

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