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The wellness world is full of dodgy 'health' advice with none of it designed to stick. Let’s get real. You deserve better.

Meet your new favourite science-backed, anti-dieting podcast, hosted by Australia’s leading dietitian and ex-serial dieter Lyndi Cohen (aka The Nude Nutritionist). Together, we can sidestep wellness wankery (phew!) so you can discover a refreshing way to tune out the dieting nonsense and tune into your body!

Kick food guilt to the curb.

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No Wellness Wankery

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“So many home truths and such a gentle and realistic approach to nutrition!”

"LOVE your podcast, the only healthy binge I want! Thanks for kicking wellness wankery to the curb!” 

“Absolutely love this podcast. Filled with real, relatable, and practical advice without any diet BS.”

“It’s changing the trajectory of my life. I’m finally breaking free out of the cycle of dieting.”

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Hey! I’m Lyndi Cohen, an ex-serial dieter who spent a decade feeling guilty for eating foods I loved while loathing my body. I finally left diet culture behind and learned to accept and love my body unconditionally. Now I’m known as The Nude Nutritionist (or ‘mumma’ to my toddler), and I want to help you discover a new way to be healthy without wellness wankery or body shame BS. You interested? Tune in.

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