It’s funny how we can do all the goal-setting and plan-making in the world, but we never really know what’s in store for the year ahead. Here’s what I’m most excited about in 2019…and everything you need to know about the nude nutritionist book.

Life is unexpected.

As I counted down the seconds to midnight on New Year’s Eve in 2017, I could have never predicted that just months later, I would move to Berlin with my husband, or that I’d have the opportunity to write my first book.

And yet, both of these things happened. With them, they brought immense challenges, opportunities for change and growth and plenty of fun times, too.

And while it wasn’t always easy, I wouldn’t change my 2018 for the world.

Moving the Berlin was scary. “What if everyone forgot about me?” and “what if I missed my life in Sydney too much?” I feared.

If I had stuck rigidly to my plan for the year, I would have totally missed out on these life-changing, character-building experiences.

So, while I have plenty of big plans,  I won’t pretend to know exactly what’s in store for 2019.

There are, however, a couple of things I’m particularly excited about…

What I’m most excited about for 2019

Ditching the diets for good + loving my body

For many years, I was caught in the vicious cycle of starting a new diet on 1st January, only to fall off the bandwagon just a few days later and beat myself up about it. Of course, this wasn’t just on New Year’s Day, but plenty of other times throughout the year, too.

In 2019, the only diet I’ll be going on is a ‘social media detox’ — aka. detoxing all of the crap out of my social media feeds. There’s so much noise in the nutrition world, so it’s about consuming less nonsense and BS.

I’ve learned so much about accepting myself and actively practising body love over the last year, and it got a lot to do with following more body positive accounts on social media.

I plan to keep practising loving my body this year – and share with you what I learn.

Which brings me to my next point!

The nude nutritionist book is out! Image: Lyndi Cohen
The nude nutritionist book is out! Image: Lyndi Cohen

The Nude Nutritionist book is out (yay!)

I’m excited to announce that my book, The Nude Nutritionist, is now officially on shelves in Australia and New Zealand! (UK launch in Feb).

And you can also order the book from anywhere in the world.

This book has been a serious labour of love, distilling everything I’ve learned about body confidence, balanced nutrition, intuitive eating and more over the years into your ultimate self-love companion.

It’s packed with practical, BS-free advice on breaking the diet mindset, loving your body and eating well without rigid planning, as well as more than 50+ uncomplicated, veggie-filled recipes.

The Nude Nutritionist book is stocked where all good books are found. You can order it online here.

Finding balance

If the word of 2018 was ‘change,’ 2019 is all about balance. This means not only eating a balanced diet, but also finding the equilibrium between my physical and mental health.

This year I need to make more time for my family (check out this post if you missed my update).

This quote from the lovely Meaghan Markle has really stuck with me:

“I resolve not to have any resolutions…. the only thing I aim to do is to approach life playfully. To laugh and enjoy, to keep my standards high but my level of self-acceptance higher. My New Years resolution is to leave room for magic. To make my plans, and be okay if they sometimes break. To set my goals, but to be open to change.

Living in Australia, again.

We’ve returned to Sydney and the timing feels right.

I missed my island home.

It feels like a fresh start, and I’m looking forward to having my two feet planted firmly on the ground in our hometown, at least for a while.

Plus, I’d be lying if I didn’t miss being near the beach!

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