Find it tricky to find family meal prep ideas the whole family will love?

  • Are you tired of wasting money on takeout? 
  • Finding time to make home-cooked food for your family feel like a pipe dream? 
  • Is grocery planning, shopping and cooking overwhelming? 
  • And are you sick of eating the same three go-to meals, over and over?

If you’re nodding furiously at the screen right now, then – my friend – meal prep may just change your life. 

Full disclosure: I haven’t always been a meal-prep kinda woman. 

The idea of meal prep used to feel hard, boring and overwhelming. It was something ‘other people’ did – not me.

If I’m honest, none of the meal prep plans I found looked very appealing either – I need a lot more variation than grilled chicken and steamed veggies five days a week!

And I am not prepared to spend my entire weekend meal prepping. 

But then I tried Meal Prep Power Hour and realised that one hour is all you need to meal prep family-friendly meals.

Want to learn how to make meal planning and prepping easier?

I’m going to show you how to meal prep like a pro

But before we dive into that goodness… 

What is meal prep?

Meal prep is planning and preparing meals for the week, ahead of time. 

It’s NOT about rushing to the grocery store and spending an hour every night cooking food you don’t actually feel like eating (because you’re stuck cooking the same boring recipes).

It’s definitely NOT about spending a fortune on takeaway lunches and Deliveroo dinners multiple times a week.

It’s about food shopping and cooking around your schedule. 

It’s about realising that family meal prep ideas don’t have to suck but can actually be delicious and exciting.

It’s about having a few family-friendly recipes that are EASY to make with MINIMAL WASHING UP so that your life is easier.

This means you have more time with your family, more time to binge-watch Love on the Spectrum, or whatever else gives you joy.

Lyndi Cohen in her kitchen with multiple packed food containers after a successful Meal Prep Power Hour.
My app Back to Basics is packed with deliciously simple family meal planning ideas. Image: Lyndi Cohen

What are the benefits of meal prepping?

Is meal prep worth it? Heck, yes!

If you ask me, meal prep is a win-win situation for everyone involved – be it your body, your wallet, your family or the planet. Let me explain:

1. Eat healthier (and be more consistent)

When you plan and prep your meals ahead of time (or simply let Back to Basics do it for you), you’re a lot less likely to order takeaway (read: too tired to cook) or boil up the lone instant Mi Goreng packet at the back of your pantry (read: too hungry to wait).

When you’re hungry, your healthy meal is ready to go! The most you’ll have to do is heat it up.  

2. Saves lots of time ⏰

Batch cooking recipes for families shouldn’t take more than an hour!

And in the busy (but beautiful) lives we lead, having to make ONE LESS DECISION in our day – what we’re cooking/eating for dinner – lifts a huge weight off our shoulders. 

Food bowl on a table (10-min Chicken Bowl Recipe from Back to Basics)
Family meal prep ideas don’t have to be boring. This 10-min Chicken Bowl recipe from Back to Basics is delicious and will be enjoyed by both kids AND adults. Image: Lyndi Cohen

3. Save a ton of money

Speaking of the chocolate aisle – when’s the last time you went to the grocery store and didn’t leave without buying WAY more than you’d originally planned?

Grocery stores are literally designed to do this. So why not order your groceries online and remove the temptation altogether?

Yes, meal planning to save money is a thing!

Add these savings to the crazy $$$ you’ll save on avoiding takeouts and you’ll be booking in that dream holiday in no time. 

On that note…want my FREE budget-friendly recipes? I’ve prepared 4 cheap family dinners for under $5 a serve. Click HERE to download.

4. Avoid food waste

When you grocery shop with intention instead of just buying whatever ingredients you think you may use this week, you’ll waste a lot less fresh produce. 

Throwing away a soggy bag of spinach or wilted head of cauliflower seriously sucks, so only buying what you’ll actually use is an amazing way to consume food sustainably.  

5. Feel like you’re #winningatlife

Planning and prepping nutritious meals and snacks can be so rewarding! There’s something soooooo satisfying about gazing into your fridge at the end of a super-efficient Meal Prep Power Hour and seeing stacks of neatly packed containers of food that YOU just prepared from scratch.  

Permission to feel smug, granted :) 

Lyndi Cohen in her kitchen with 9 full food containers, fresh fruit and a big smile.
Planning and prepping nutritious meals and snacks can be so rewarding! Image: Lyndi Cohen

Step-by-step family-friendly meal prep guide

Here’s how to start meal planning and prepping…

1. Get an easy meal prep menu

You don’t even have to spend time planning your weekly meals.

There are 30+ family-friendly Meal Prep Power Hour menus in Back to Basics. You get a cooking video showing you how it’s done, plus the recipes. The app also has a customizable calendar, perfect to create your own weekly family meal plan, which you can either manually or automatically populate with the click of a button.

Meal planning for busy families has never been easier.

2. Order groceries online

In Back to Basics, you can order your groceries direct from the recipes in the App + get them delivered to your home.

Bye-bye last-minute grocery runs and getting distracted in the chocolate aisle.

3. Get affordable reusable containers

The best way to store meal prep food is in reusable containers. Whether you’re reusing all the plastic takeaway containers you’ve accumulated over the years or love a matching set of Tupperware, there’s no right or wrong here. 

To make life even easier (and healthier), I’d recommend using containers that are freezer-safe, microwavable, stackable and BPA free. And dishwasher-safe if you’ve got one. I love these affordable glass ones from Kmart. 

Take my short quiz to find out!

Want healthy family meal prep ideas, your whole family will devour?

Back to Basics is an App to help you live healthily without falling off the bandwagon every weekend.

It is PERFECT for budget-friendly, everyday family cooking, and equips you with all things meal planning to make your life a whole lot easier.

In Back to Basics, you get:

  • 500+ healthy, simple and family-friendly recipes
  • Weekly Meal Prep Power Hour videos and menus
  • Customizable calendar, perfect to create your own weekly family meal plan
  • Time-saving workouts (less than 30 mins)
  • Mindset videos to keep you motivated
  • Challenges… and oh-so-much more


  • Order all your groceries direct from the App to your home (life-changing!)
  • Suitable for meal planning on a budget
  • Access our exclusive and seriously supportive Facebook community 
  • Have all your questions answered by me
  • And maybe most importantly… never diet again!


Back to Basics is full of all the guidance and support I wish I had back when I was bombarded with terrible nutrition advice and had a really unhealthy relationship with food – and my body.

Try Back to Basics App FREE for 7-days

Here’s your bonus Meal Prep Power Hour! 

After trying Meal Prep Power Hour videos, our wonderful Back to Basics members have said: 

“Our weekly shop is so much cheaper!” – Andrea, NSW

“It’s only been a week and I feel so much better already.” – Emily, QLD

“I’m vegetarian and there are so many options for me. It’s so easy to swap recipes to be gluten or dairy-free”. – Lisa, NSW

Hurray! So if you’re ready to start eating healthily without dieting, check out this *bonus* Back to Basics Meal Prep Pour Hour video and start your family meal prep with me.

Family-Friendly Meal Prep Plan

This week, we’re making these 4 healthy meals that don’t suck:

  • One-pan Baked Pasta
  • Shredded Japanese Salad
  • Seeded Muesli Bars
  • Tortilla Egg Cups

For the step-by-step recipe for this meal prep video, join me in Back to Basics today!

You’ll also get 500+ recipes plus new weekly Meal Prep Power Hour, workout and mindset videos for an easy way to live healthily – no wellness wankery, guaranteed.

What type of eater are you?

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