Nadia Felsch is one talented lady.

She is the brains behind the hugely popular Wholefood Society mixes, an incredibly gifted recipe developer, photographer, and blogger at Nadiafelsch.com.

This Sydney-based real-food lover is now in her final year studying to become a nutritionist and has created two wonderfully successful programs; the Path to Wholefoods and Wholefood Society Online.

But there is a very real (and relatable) reason why Nadia does what she does.

Several years ago, Nadia had a very different relationship with food. For almost a decade, she counted every morsel of food and over exercised. But when Nadia was diagnosed with PCOS at age 20, it prompted her to re-examine her work, the foods she was eating and how she looked after her health. 

Nadia’s story helps explain her unwavering dedication to ‘eating freedom’. And I love her for it. She stands for all the right things. 

But don’t take my word for it. Follow Nadia on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll get authenticity every step of the way. She glows with health and is as vibrant as can be. 

Nadia always Keeps It Real. She stands for real food created for people who live in the real world. Nourishment, enjoyment and ultimately, eating freedom is at the core of what she does. What a champion!

I was stoked to get these insider insights from Nadia. She even shared her deliciously good 4-Ingredient Pancake Recipe with me. Get the recipe here!

I bet you’ll love her (almost) as much as I do! Enjoy :) 

 Nadia's insanely simple (and tasty) 4-ingredient pancake recipe Nadia’s insanely simple (and tasty) 4-ingredient pancake recipe

What is your favourite meal of the day? And what do you normally have?

Lunchtime is my favourite. It’s my largest meal of the day (so maybe that’s why I love it)! My go-to is an enormous salad consisting of something like this:

  • a grain/pseudo-grain such as couscous, quinoa or brown rice
  • loads of raw rainbow veggies such as cabbage, radish, tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion, zucchini
  • some baked veggies such as pumpkin or sweet potato
  • avocado
  • fresh herbs
  • toasted nuts and seeds
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • crumbling of fetta cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil

Which three foods are always well stocked in your kitchen?

  1. Avocado.
  2. Eggs.
  3. Fresh herbs.

Self-care is important for recharging the batteries. What do you do for self-care?  

Movement, which may mean the gym, yoga or a long bush walk. I also find time with my husband at our favourite café to be a great recharge.

And also key for me is an early bedtime.

It amazes me how much you accomplish in your day. What is one strategy you swear by that helps you stay organised and productive?

Being clear on what matters. So when things really pile up on me, I know where to direct my energy and focus.

Well, at least that’s the idea…

What podcast or book are you currently stuck into?

I’ve just finished Rising Strong by Brené Brown. Her raw words really resonate with me and this was yet another of her books that I loved!

Podcast-wise I’ve been a huge fan of The Tim Ferriss show for years and have listened to almost every episode. He covers literally every topic you could think of with his guests and his interviewing style is spot on.

Is there a simple hack you use in your kitchen – or in life?  

We bought a mandolin slicer from a kitchen store a few years ago and it’s been invaluable to prepare the “perfect” vegetables in a flash.

What TV show or movie are you watching? 

I’ve just finished watching all the Gilmore Girls seasons again! It’s a not-so-guilty pleasure.

What is your all-time favourite food?

Such a tough question! I’d have to say fresh handmade pasta with a few really simple ingredients such as tomato, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and ricotta.

The Wholefood Society has been a massive hit. Can you please tell us about it? Why do you think it’s been such a success?

Thank you!

After spending the past couple of years establishing and building my personal brand in the nutrition space, what kept coming up for me was how to reach people in their homes. Working predominantly online is wonderful though having my philosophy, beliefs, and knowledge in a tangible product seemed like the missing link.

 Wholefood Society Organic Banana Bread Mix. It's delicious. Try it! Wholefood Society Organic Banana Bread Mix. It’s delicious. Try it!

It was actually my business partner (and wonderful husband!) Tippy, who had been committed to the idea of food products for a number of years prior to us launching the Wholefood Society. And in mid-2016 it all clicked, the direction was clear and away we went developing the brand and offering.

It’s our belief that food is medicine, though that works both ways and for most of us – easeful, convenient and consistent healthy eating feels out of reach. The Wholefood Society is about making it within your reach, and keeping it there.

Our product range currently includes 2 x healthy baking mixes. They’re as simple as MIX & BAKE to ensure no fuss, stress or spoiled mess at home! You only need to add common household ingredients such as oil or water and voila you’re a master healthy baker in no time!

 Wholefood Society Nut & Seed Loaf. Seriously delicious, real bread.  Wholefood Society Nut & Seed Loaf. Seriously delicious, real bread. 

Our mixes have been developed with a deep understanding of human nutrition and what it is that works best for our bodies to thrive. Whilst at the same time being made incredibly easy for anyone to have delicious success with and enjoy!

Although we’re still growing, (and working on new products), it’s for all these reasons that I think our mixes have hit the mark with so many people and we’re very proud.

I highly recommend you follow Wholefood Society and Nadia on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll get authenticity (and inspiration) every step of the way.

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