Georgie Collinson is an anxiety mindset coach, hypnotherapist, nutritionist and naturopath. And after battling with anxiety, she found a holistic solution, offering lasting breakthroughs for herself and her clients.

High-functioning anxiety is when that stress sticks around even after the stressful event is over. It’s like feeling chased and always on edge. Even when you logically know you’re safe. There’s this urgency to get things done. 

But what if anxiety isn’t the enemy? What if it’s more like a message, guiding us to pay attention to something?

Let’s get into it and chat all things anxiety.

The feedback loop

Think of anxiety like a warning sign when you’re driving. You know when the road gets bumpy and you’re getting too close to the edge? That’s anxiety’s way of saying, “Hold up, you might need to slow down a bit.”

It doesn’t mean something is seriously wrong with you. Or that you need to make drastic changes like quitting your job. It’s just a gentle nudge to pay attention. Maybe you need more rest. Or be kinder to yourself in your thoughts.

Anxiety is like your body’s way of saying, “Let’s take a closer look and maybe make some adjustments.”

Reframe your thoughts

Changing how we see anxiety is a big part of handling it better. When we view anxiety as a really bad thing and feel those jittery feelings in our stomach or our heart racing, we often want to escape it. ASAP. But here’s the thing: the more we resist it, the more it grows. It’s like when we fear having a panic attack, and then it actually happens because we’re so scared of it.

So instead of fighting anxiety, what if we just accepted it as a sensation? Like if you put your hand in hot water, you’d think, “Hmm, that’s hot.” What if we treated anxiety the same way? Maybe it’s there because our period is coming. We didn’t sleep well, or we forgot to eat lunch. It’s actually pretty cool that our body gives us these signals to take care of ourselves better, don’t you think? And when we start seeing anxiety this way, it’s like we make peace with it.

Manage your anxiety like you would a puppy

Ever noticed how a dog acts when they miss their walk? Especially puppies. They’re like a ball of energy waiting to explode. They’ll start chewing up shoes, acting out, or scratching at stuff like there’s no tomorrow. All because they’re restless or anxious.

Funny enough, humans aren’t that different. When we neglect to move our bodies, that same anxious energy can start building up inside us.

And hey, I’m not here to push you into some crazy gym routine. Instead, find what feels good for you. Maybe it’s a quick 15-minute walk around the block. Or maybe it’s cranking up the tunes and having your own Beyoncé moment in the kitchen for a few minutes. The point is, find what helps you shake off that anxious energy.

Being kind to yourself and other important stuff

Picture yourself as having two parts: a scared inner child and a comforting parent. Think of a time when you felt like a kid or look at an old photo to get the idea. Being nice to that scared child and reminding yourself that you’re always good enough might seem hard, but it’s really worth it. It’s like talking to a pet or a kid, gently and without being mean.

Simple things like putting your hand on your heart when you meditate or during the day, and saying kind things to yourself, can also help. Sometimes, when we feel rejected, it’s because we’re leaving ourselves behind. Feeling like we’re not good enough. By telling ourselves, “I’m here with you no matter what, and I love you just as you are,” we bring kindness into our lives.

It’s important to pay attention to our thoughts. When we notice ourselves thinking bad things over and over again, it’s time to ask if we’re ready to forgive and be kind.

Could alcohol be fuelling your anxiety?

It’s important to know how alcohol affects our ability to bounce back from tough times and handle anxiety. While it might seem to help in the moment, it can actually make anxiety worse later on. Understanding this can help us decide when and how much to drink, without feeling bad about it.

Can alcohol cause anxiety? They’re the four words searched when my anxiety disappeared when I quit alcohol. Find out why it happened and how long for.

Worried not drinking alcohol will make you bored (or boring)? Watch my video on what you should do to be your most confident, calm and energetic self.

Understand your urges

Think about those times when stress hits and suddenly all you can think about is drowning your worries in a tub of chocolate. Instead of eating the entire block to feel better, learn to hit pause and tune in to what you’re feeling. It’s like giving a comforting hug to our inner child who’s feeling scared or stressed out.

When we see that urge to eat everything in sight as a sign of anxiety, it’s like recognising that our emotions are charged up and need an outlet. This is when having a good cry, chatting with a friend, or writing down our thoughts to let off steam can help us feel better.

And here’s the cool part: once we’ve given ourselves that emotional check-in, we get to choose what comes next. It’s not about beating ourselves up for wanting chocolate; it’s about putting ourselves first and giving our inner child some love. So if, even after all that, we still want a chocolate fix, that’s ok.

It’s all about finding that balance between turning to food for comfort when we really need it, but mostly taking care of ourselves that will make us feel better in the long run.

And lastly, if you struggle with anxiety, it helps to get extra support by speaking to a GP or reaching out to BeyondBlue. You’ll be so glad you did.

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