Looking for a Prague food blog, that leads you to the best places to eat? Look no further. Here’s a dietitian and nutritionist’s guide to eating in Prague.

I love hunting down the best local food when I travel.

I asked the locals, read all the guidebooks, bloggers recommendations and then sampled all the food to pull together this list for my Prague food blog of what I think it’s some of the best places to eat in Prague as of 2018.

As a self-confessed foodie, only the best places made it to this list. These are the restaurants I’d recommend to my friends and family – and you, of course!

So here we go. This is my Prague food blog. My list of the best restaurants and places to eat (and drink) in Prague based on taste and wow factor. Disclaimer: They aren’t ‘healthy’ places though you can find healthy choices on the menu at most of these places.

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Health Tip: To make meals slightly healthier and sneak in another serve of veg, I love to order a side of pickled veg or cabbage.

More health tips: My podcast No Wellness Wankery will be your perfect travel companion. I help you sidestep wellness wankery (phew!) so you can feel amazing and healthy in your wonderful body.

This is not your average Prague food blog.
This is not your average Prague food blog.


If you’re vegetarian or vegan, best to give this one a miss. But if you love meat, especially meat that has been pulled, slow-cooked, braised, smoked or served to perfection, then you’ll LOVE Kantýna.

Some locals say it’s a modern take on classic Czech food. Others call it hipster. All I care is that it’s delicious food, a cool vibe and reasonably priced (~$20pp for premium food, with beer). While it is busy, we had no trouble finding a spot at peak hour.

Kantyna is a canteen style restaurant. When you walk in, you’ll get given a docket. Find a spot to sit. When you’re ready to eat, walk up to the canteen with your docket and order what you want. You’ll pay by weight. It’s table service for drinks.

Recommend: Pulled beef, pickled vegetables, potato pancake

Website: https://www.kantyna.ambi.cz/en/

AddressPolitických vězňů 1511/5, 110 00 PRAHA 1

 Photo: Tres Boheme Photo: Tres Boheme


This Belgium restaurant was recommended by a local and I’m so glad we went. It’s about a 10-minute drive from the town centre and it’s buzzing with locals. On the menu, they have a dedicated section for mussels, oysters and there is a fantastic beer menu too.

It’ll cost around $100 for dinner for two, with drinks and plenty of seafood. It’s also great for families as they have a kids room. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Recommend: Chamoula Mussels, Mojitos


Address: Náměstí Míru 9, 120 00 Praha 2


As the name suggests, Lokál is where the locals go to hang, drink beer and grab a Czech homestyle meal. I didn’t get a chance to eat here, but from what I hear, you mostly come here for the vibe.

I went to Lokál Dhoulá, which has a massive (and really impressive) beer hall. It’s a cool place to hang out and soak up Prague’s buzz.

Recommend: A great place to grab a beer.

Address: There’re eight locations around Czech Republic so find one that’s closest to you.

Website: http://lokal-dlouha.ambi.cz/en/

AnonymouS Bar

Unless you know it’s there, you’ll walk past. But it’s worth finding the unmarked entrance (through a large wooden door) and popping into AnonymouS Bar for incredible, jaw-dropping cocktails.

AnonymouS bar is an experience. You’ll get an incredibly sophisticated, gastronomic cocktail. The waiters wear anonymous masks and serve cocktails in impressively artistic ways.

Go earlier to avoid the queue or make a reservation.

Recommend: Watchdog, Wilson


Address: Michalská 12 110 00 – Prague 1

U Veverky

If you want an authentic Czech experience, check out U Veverky and you won’t be disappointed. There is no proper English menu in the restaurant (often a good sign) but the waiters mostly speak a bit of English and will help you order.

Czech food is quite heavy but I found it didn’t make me bloated and kept me feeling satisfied for a long time. So while it’s hard to make a ‘healthy choice’, I say, embrace the experience and order what you want.

FYI – Czech dumplings aren’t like Asian dumplings. They’re boiled, crustless bread (potato or bread) that is served with main meals and used to soak up the sauce.

Note: I found an English menu online but don’t be surprised if the menu is different and much smaller when you go.


Address: Eliášova 324/14, 160 00 Praha 6-Bubeneč

IF Cafe

Founded by famous Czech pastry chef Iveta Fabešová and her husband, IF cafe is a beautiful place to rest your travelling feet and enjoy delicious cakes, pastries, teas and coffee. For fellow Australians, Iveta seems like the Adriana Zumbo of Czech (but more cakes, fewer macrons).

You’ll be able to watch the pastry chefs (many of whom are women), working methodically behind glass as they create your beautiful looking dessert. You might struggle to find a healthy option here but I truly believe dessert is part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Recommend: Lemon dessert, pistachio cake

Address: Jungmannova 30/21, 110 00 Nové Město but there are now three locations in Prague city so find the one closest to you.

Website: http://ifcafe.cz/

Also worth checking out…


Great for dinner and drinks. Everything is served with a skewer through it. You take what you want from the counter and at the end, you pay for the number of skewers you have.

Website: https://www.spejle.eu/en/

Vietnamese Food

… If you want a healthier option. There is a large Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic so if you’re craving a healthier choice, Vietnamese food can offer plenty of options.

Street Food

There are plenty of vendors selling street food. Although not fully traditional (I’m told), you might want to try: Trdelnik Honey hot wine, palacinky, langose and cheblicky.

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