You don’t need to step on the scale. Ever. In fact, weighing yourself may make it harder to find your healthiest weight in the long term.

Have you noticed how seeing a number on the scale can throw you into a spiral of guilt, shame and self-doubt?

Let’s talk about why the scale is BS when it comes to finding your healthiest weight. And how it could be making your weight loss efforts even harder.

What the number on the scale doesn’t tell you

Ever wondered why your dress size is shrinking, but the number on the scale remains the same? Here’s the scoop: muscle weighs more than fat. It’s smaller, denser, and heavier than fat.

So, if you’re using the scale to measure your health, you might be off track. And when you’re building healthy habits, the scale doesn’t show you the full picture.

And you’re probably familiar with what happens if the number on the scale won’t budge… You stop doing all the healthy things because what’s the point? Is it worth cooking healthy meals? Or working out?

This often leads to an all-or-nothing approach to health. You either try eat perfectly healthy to lose weight, or eat a block of chocolate and don’t exercise for a week.

It’s time to forget the idea that being healthy means a lower number on the scale.

What the scale doesn’t show you

  • Water weight. Your body can hold onto water, especially after salty meals or during certain times.
  • Body composition. The scale doesn’t take into account your muscle mass, bone density, organs and tissues.
  • Muscle mass. Exercise more builds muscle. Which weighs more than fat.
  • Hydration. Dehydration or excessive fluid intake can cause temporary weight changes.
  • Hormonal changes. Your monthly visit from Aunt Flo stirs up some hormone havoc, playing with water balance in the body. Impacting cravings, weight, body image and so much more.

So if you’re thinking… What the heck? How have I gained 2kg’s overnight?! Remember- there’s many factors that dictate the number on the scale.

“But I just want to lose weight and weigh 5kg less”

The obsession with a specific number on the scale is often tied to ingrained beliefs from past dieting attempts. Society tells us that the most impressive thing a woman can be is thin. Which is far from the truth.

And if you’ve been trying to lose weight your whole life but got nowhere, then it’s time for a new approach. Because my friend, that old strategy clearly isn’t working.

Weighing yourself also isn’t a health metric that you ever need to do. If you go to a medical professional and they need to weigh you, you can ask for something called a blind weigh-in. And if you have a scale at home and feel tempted to weigh yourself, put it in the garage. Or better yet- get rid of it.

Detaching from the scale might be challenging, especially if you have a with a history of disordered eating. But it’s so crucial to reevaluate the purpose of knowing that number, and explore healthier alternatives.

So, how can you measure your health and find your healthiest weight?

Rather than fixating on the scale, consider alternative ways to measure your health- that provides a more comprehensive picture.

This includes things like how much energy you have and how strong you feel. Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. How easily you fall asleep at night. Whether you like yourself and feel at peace. If you can you move your body freely, without getting puffed out easily.

Health is different for all of us. And your ‘healthiest weight’ and ‘ideal weight’ probably won’t be the same. Let go of the idea that you need to reach a certain number on the scale to be your healthiest, happiest self.

Aside from the scale… BMI is also total BS

BMI totally overlooks things like muscle mass, age, gender, fitness, and race. Talk about a one-size-fits-none approach. It’s this Euro-centric, gendered, and downright arbitrary measure that has zero clue about your actual health. Honestly, it’s not just wrong. It’s pretty mind-blowing that people still swear by it. If you’re on the lookout for something way better, read this article.

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